Lake Tahoe

There are many places around Lake Tahoe for Scouts to have fun. In the winter, there is skiing (cross country and downhill), boarding, and snow camping – not to mention just playing in the snow. Sugar Bowl is a good place for snow sports because there are lots of beginner runs and several warm (inside) places to meet. North Star is also great, but on a busy weekend Scouts will spend a lot of time waiting for the lifts. Some Troops rent their gear before they get to Tahoe, but many resorts have beginner packages that include lift tickets, lessons, and equipment at a good price.

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  1. One of the best backpacking destinations in the Sierras is Desolation Wilderness, just southwest of Lake Tahoe. There are losts of good trailheads and much of the wilderness is accessable to day hikers coming in from Lake Tahoe. As a result its usually very crowded (including dogs), with only the complex Forestry Service permit system keeping a lid on over-crowding. Aloha Lake (about five miles from the Lower Echo Lake trailhead) is an incredible area. The lake is huge and dotted with rock islands in a beautiful setting. We went on a day hike from Aloha and saw five lakes in one day. If you can’t find a campsite at Aloha Lake, head back to Lake of the Woods. Do not push on to Heather Lake. Its beautiful there but Heather is in a “granite bowl” with few good campsites.

  2. There is no place better for beginning backpacking than Five Lakes Basin.

    Carr Lake (to 5 Lakes Basin): I 80 East to HW20 West: (158 miles, 2hr. 30 min. from Danville). Exit at HW20 West (a couple exits past Nyack). Loop under the freeway and continue on HW20 West, 4 miles.

    Right (North) onto Bowman Road. Go 8.5 miles, about 18 min. on Bowman Road, which is a narrow paved road.

    Right to Carr Lake. Go 2.7 miles, about 12 min. on this rough gravel road. It is passable with a sedan.

    Continue to the parking area at the end of the road.
    The trail head is on the left, just before you enter the parking area, along a dirt road blocked by a gate. Follow the dirt road along the shore of Carr Lake until you get to the dam for Feely Lake. Go across the dam and turn left onto the trail.

    Total Travel time is about 2 hours 50 minutes, without any stops. Wilderness permits are not required, but fire permits are required.

  3. Troop 60 just got back from the Soda Springs Resort. Take exit 174 Norden off Hwy 80 (same exit as for Sugar Bowl) and turn right at the flashing yellow light. The advantage is the price. Lift tickets are $20 for 13-17 year old Scouts. There are only two lifts and the lodge is small, but for first time skiers its a good environment – and easy to work on the snow sports merit badge. Its not a good place for advanced boarders or skiers, but you can take them down the road to Sugar Bowl (if you have enough adults) and hook up later. Their phone number is 530-426-3901.

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