There are a number of resources for boys who like to shoot.


Bird’s Landing – The people at Bird’s Landing really know how to take care of Scouts: a full day program, including safety instruction, all the shotgun shooting (with clay targets) your shoulder can take, and even lunch. If you ask them, they will even arrange for Scouts to work on the shotgun shooting merit badge. (All for an optional $15 donation per person to the Clay for Kids Program.)  September/October is hunting season, and they are really busy.  So plan to go some other time.    Bird’s Landing


Chabot Gun Club – Scouts who are interested in basic firearms safety, Small Bore Programs (They will loan you a rifle) or marksmanship will find this convenient. Something is going on most Saturday mornings. You must arrive before 9:30 or you miss the safety talk and they won’t let you shoot. Cost is about $5 per person. The Chabot Gun Club is near Castro Valley.  Chabot Gun Club


Diablo Bowman –  One of the very best archery ranges in the state – and they love for Scouts to visit. You get an interesting history of archery, a safety talk, and all day shooting at more than 50 different targets of different sizes and shapes. On the back side of Mt. Diablo, the environment is spectatular! BRING YOUR OWN WATER – THERE ARE NO FAUCETS THERE. Overnights can be arranged. Scouts can work on their archery merit badge.  Diablo Bowmen

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