Lots of units do 50 miler float trips every year.  Whether its on a canoe, a kayak, or even a raft, there is nothing better than a long water trip to get you in touch with your inner Scout.  There are many places to go.  Here are some favorites.


Monterey Bay Kayaking is a great place to explore. They have a variety of tours that meet the needs of younger and older Scouts. And along the way, Scouts can complete their ten animals requirement for Second Class just by keeping alert for the otters, fish, turtles, birds, whales, sea lions, and other inhabitants of the area. Camping is available at Sunset Beach (or other places) if you want to make this an overnight trip. Monterey Bay Kayaking

Burke’s Canoe Trips on the Russian River is close to the Bay Area and provides Scouts with a variety of ways to paddle around on the water – from canoes to kayaks. Usually the cost is per canoe – so if you can fit a bunch of Scouts into one canoe, it can be a lot cheaper than white water rafting. Just make sure the leaders have taken Safety Afloat. Burke’s Canoe Trips

River’s Edge Canoe Trips – Different levels of trips available – and for the most difficult, the only children allowed are Scouts! This group also operates on the Russian River.   River’s Edge Canoe Trips


W.E.T. River Trips has been a favorite of Northern California Troops for many years. However, be sure to check the water levels before you go. If the water is running too high the trip can be dangerous. If the water is too low, the trip isn’t much fun. Camping is available if you want to turn this into an overnight adventure. W.E.T. River Trips

Earthtrek Expeditions in Coloma has a whole range of rafting options from Class III to Class V. There are trips on the American River and lots of other places – plus they have their own campground. Just make sure your leaders have completed the safety afloat training.  Earthtrek Expeditions

American Whitewater Expeditions – Good stuff and lots of fun, even for the younger boys. Call ahead and make reservations. River runs start around 9:00 am. You can camp there before or after the trip at no additional cost, but the campsite is nothing special. Wetsuits are available for rent. This groups was especially focused on safety during our visit.  American Whitewater

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  1. T815 has always used River and Rock Advenures for the rafting trips. They also do mountainin bike trips and rock climbing but we’ve never done that with them. They have their own camping area and we normally make it a 2 day trip with one day for swimming and fishing at there campsite and then spending the next full day riding the waves. Some years if the ater is right, the Hi-Adventure Scouts sometimes use inflatable kayak’s instead of using the rafts as an alternative. They also give Scout discounts if you are outside peak weekends.

    The other great canoe trip area is the Stanislaus River starting at Knights Ferry. There isn’t an outfitter there for Canoes, so you need to bring your own. But there is a campground about 1-days paddle downriver from Knights Ferry, and a park for takeout about 1 more days paddle down. So it’s perfect for a 2-day “paddle-thru” trip, and in fact it’s the only place I know that you can do that. There is 1 spot with a very notable rapid when the water’s flowing but the whole trip presents learning opportunities in a very natural setting.

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