We are in the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council in Northern California. The goal of this website is to make it easier or Scouts and Scouters to plan and conduct fun outings, especially Venture Crew activities. There are some recommendated locations, some useful links, and some pratical advice on the best ways make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Please add your own comments whenever possible.

The high-adventure parts of Scouting are critical in the development of successful young men. (I have more than 1,500 miles of Scout backpacking experience upon which to base my opinions.)  My belief is that Scout backpacking is different than other backpacking because it fosters camaraderie and leadership within the Troop and the Patrol – not just from the hike, but also because of all the time the groups spends together getting ready for the actual 50 miler.  Scout backpacking provides an opportunity for life-changing learning experiences – it better be fun and challenging at the same time.  And every Scout should complete at least one 50-miler or go to Philmont before they are a serious Eagle candidate.

Thank you to anyone who chooses to donate money to keep the site running.

Contact me with any questions or if you need help arranging an outing:

Mike Dubrall

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